• SAP IQ free downloads: Choose the right fit for you

    Get actionable intelligence delivered at the speed of business – with SAP IQ analytics server. Transform the way you compete to win.

Choose the SAP IQ solution that best fits your business requirements – and download today.

  • SAP IQ Express Edition

    Perform interactive analysis and ad-hoc queries extremely quickly, using off-the-shelf query tools. For data scientists and developers, this edition is for education and testing purposes only, with a data store of 5 GB.

  • SAP IQ 30-Day Trial Evaluation

    Get a 30-day full-use evaluation of SAP IQ. Gain Big Data analytics support with a native MapReduce API, advanced and flexible Hadoop integration, PMML support, and new APIs for proprietary analytical libraries.

  • SAP IQ Quick Start Guide

    Get started quickly with SAP IQ using this ‘how-to’ booklet that comes with a database schema and ready-to-load data. After completing the first three sections, you will have a running SAP IQ database.